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Speciality Esters are chemical compounds that are derived from organic and inorganic acids wherein one hydroxyl group is replaced by an alkyl group. These are prepared by means of several methods such as esterfication of carboxylic acids, alcoholysis of acyl chlorides and acid anhydrides, alkylation of carboxylate salts, transesterification, carbonylation, and addition of carboxylic acids to alkenes, among others. Speciality easters are stringently checked on various parameters such as flexibility, pH value, melting point, molecular weight, polarity, shelf life, and water solubility in order to assure their compliance with the industry standards. These are widely used as flavor enhancing agent in the perfume industry.

Key Features:
1. Low molecular weight makes these ideal for fragrances
2. Flexible, low polarity and are known for lower melting point
3. Water soluble and have high shelf life
4. Precise pH value and colourless in nature